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About Us

The family behind Family Stories

Our backgrounds are as diverse as the colour of our skin, and our lives are full of children that we love and that we want to see growing up in an open and inclusive world. We created Family Stories to give children everywhere a place where they can find great stories. Great stories that are just waiting to be transformed into unique personalized books featuring their family, no matter its size, shape or funny quirks!

We believe in equality without exception, and giving every parent the opportunity to read a book to their child that does not raise questions about their family structure, but rather embraces it. Family Stories was built by parents for parents, and we hope you and the children in your lives will enjoy the experience of creating your own personalized story as much as we did working to make it possible.

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Our Dream

This is a story about making personalized books truly unique

Family Stories started from a simple dream. And our dream was that we could all have access to the same amazing storybooks and yet have these books reflect our unique and brilliant, if sometimes different, families. And hoorah! It could be done! Mixing first-rate technology with high-quality traditional printed books may not have always been a piece of cake (and we certainly ate a lot of cake trying to figure out how to get it done), but we made it happen.

We are proud to now invite you to be part of our dream and enjoy your own uniquely personalized book from Family Stories. Whether you are personalizing a book for your own child or to offer as a gift to the children in your life, our aim is to make every child feel very special indeed. Because all children should know how loved they are by those around them, and what is more magical than reading a book where they and their family are the heroes of the story?

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